Austria Christmas Market Opening Dates 2023 | Confirmed Dates So Far

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When do Christmas markets open in Austria this year?

If you’re trying to research the answer to this question, you may have run into some trouble… that’s because the opening dates for Christmas markets in Austria vary by town, city & region.

That’s why we created this page for you, so you can peep the opening dates for Austria’s Christmas Markets quickly and at a glance.

We hope you find it helpful!

This list is by no means exhaustive, and includes mainly bigger Christmas markets that we could find official websites and dates for. Let us know in the comments if you have any more we should add.

NOTE: Most Christmas markets don’t announce their confirmed dates until a few months before, so please excuse the sparse list for the time being! We’ll be sure to update this list with more dates as soon as they are released. Let us know in the comments if you know of any we should add for 2023!

Christmas Market Opening Dates in Austria 2023

For now, only the dates for some of Austria’s larger Christmas markets have been officially announced.

Here is a table summarizing the opening dates of 2023 Austrian Christmas markets that we know of so far.

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LocationChristmas Market Name2023 DatesMore InfoHotels
Bad IschlAdvent in Bad IschlNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
Bad KleinkirchheimAlpine Spa Advent MarketOfficial Website
BregenzBregenzer WeihnachtsmarktNov 15 - Dec 23Official Website
Bruck an der MurWaldweihnacht Bruck an der MurOfficial Website
DornbirnDornbirner ChristkindlemarktNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
FeldkirchFeldkircher Weihnachtsmarkt Official Website
Official Website
Fuschl am SeeAdvent der Dörfer
Official Website
GarstenGarstner AdventDec 2 - 3
Dec 8 - 10
Official Website
GrazHauptplatz Christmas MarketNov 18 - Dec 24Official Website
GrazTraditional Christmas Market - FranziskanerviertelNov 18 - Dec 24Official Website
GrazChildren’s Advent fair - Kleine NeutorgasseNov 18 - Dec 24Official Website
GrazArts and crafts market on Mehlplatz squareNov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
GrazHandicraft market on Färberplatz squareNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
GrazCrafts from all over the World on Tummelplatz squareNov 18 - Dec 24Official Website
Graz“Aufsteirern”-Christmas market on Schlossberg hillNov 18 - 19
Nov 24 - 26
Dec 1 - 3
Dec 7 - 10
Dec 15 - 17
Dec 21 - 23
Official Website
GrazAdvent market in the Joanneum quarterNov 18 - 23Official Website
GrazGrieskindlmarket on Nikolaiplatz squareNov 18 - Dec 17Official Website
GrazChristmas market on Südtiroler Platz square

Nov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
GrazCircus Wonderlend on Mariahilferplatz square
Nov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
GrazChristmas market on Glockenspielplatz square

Nov 18 - Dec 24Official Website
GrazAdvent stalls at Eisernes Tor

Nov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
GrödigAdventmarkt St LeonhardDec 7 - 8Official Website
Gut AiderbichlChristmas Market Gut Aiderbichl DeggendorfDec 2 - 26Official Website
Gut AiderbichlChristmas Market Gut Aiderbichl IffeldorfWeekends and holidays only Dec 2 - 26Official Website
Gut AiderbichlChristmas Market Gut Aiderbichl HenndorfNov 10, 2023 - Jan 7, 2024Official Website
Hall in TirolAdvent Hall in TirolNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
HartbergHartberger Weihnachtszauber
Nov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
HohenemsZauberhafter Hohenemser Christkindlemarkt
Dec 3Official Website
Hohenwerfen CastleRomantic Advent Market at Hohenwerfen CastleDec 2 - 3
Dec 8 - 10
Official Website
InnsbruckChristkindlmarkt AltstadtNov 15 - Dec 23Official Website
InnsbruckChristkindlmarkt Maria-Theresien-StrasseNov 25 - Jan 6, 2024Official Website
InnsbruckChristkindlmarkt HungerbergNov 24 - Jan 6, 2024Official Website
InnsbruckWiltener WeihnachtszauberNov 27 - Dec 23Official Website
InnsbruckChristkindlmarkt St NikolausNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
InnsbruckKaiserweihnacht BerigiselNov 17 - 19
Nov 24 - 26
Dec 1 - 3
Dec 7 - 10
Dec 15 - 17
Dec 22 - 23

Official Website
InnsbruckChristkindlmarkt MarktplatzNov 15 - Dec 23Official Website
Keutschach am SeeAdvent am Pyramidenkogel Nov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
KitzbühelKitzbüheler AdventWednesdays to Sundays Nov 22 - Dec 26Official Website
KlagenfurtKlagenfurter WeihnahchtsmarktNov 18 - Dec 24Official Website
KremsKremser AdventzauberNov 23 - Dec 24More Info
KufsteinWeihnachtsmarkt im Stadtpark
Nov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
LechAdvent und Weihnachtsmarkt in Lech
Dec 8 - 10
Dec 15 - 17
Official Website
LienzAdvent in LienzNov 24 - Dec 24* (Subject to Change)Official Website
LinzChristkindlmarkt Hauptplatz Linz
Nov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
LinzWeihnachtsmarkt Volksgarten Linz
Nov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
MariazellMariazeller AdventThursdays to Sundays Nov 23 - Dec 23Official Website
ObertauernTauernadventNov 24 - 26
Dec 1 - 3
Dec 7 - 10
Dec 15 - 17
Official Website
RadstadtRadstädter AdventNov 25 - 26
Dec 2 - 3
Dec 8 - 10
Dec 16 - 17
Dec 26 - 27
Official Website
RattenbergRattenberger AdventFridays to Sundays Nov 24 - Dec 17Official Website
RustRuster Adventmeile
Fridays to Sundays Nov 17 - Dec 17Official Website
SalzburgSalzburger ChristkindlmarktNov 21 - Jan 1Official Website
SalzburgHellbrunner AdventzauberNov 23 - Dec 24Official Website
SalzburgAdventmarkt MirabellplatzNov 23 - Dec 24Official Website
SalzburgAdvent at Salzburg Fortress
Dec 1 - 18Official Website
SalzburgSternadventNov 23 - Jan 6, 2024Official Website
SalzburgAdvent Market at the Franziskischlössl
Official Website
SchladmingSchladmings “Mountain Christmas”
Official Website
Schloss KatzenburgAdventzauber auf
Schloss Katzenberg
Dec 15 - 17Official Website
Schruns-TschaggunsSchruser Wiahnachtsmarkt
Dec 22 - Jan 7, 2024Official Website
SchwarzenbergSchwarzenberger Advent MarketDec 1 - 2Official Website
SeefeldRomantische Weihnachtsmarkt in der Seefelder FußgängerzoneDec 1 - Jan 6, 2024Official Website
St PöltenAdventmarkt am Rathausplatz St. PöltenNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
St PöltenWeihnachten im ParkDec 7 - 9Official Website
St WolfgangWolfgangseer AdventNov 17 - Dec 23Official Website
St. Johann in TirolSt Johanner WeihnachtsmarktNov 17 - Dec 16Official Website
SteyrAdventmarkt Altstadt SteyrNov 17 - Dec 24Official Website
ViennaWiener ChristkindlmarktNov 11 - Dec 26Official Website
ViennaChristmas Village Belvedere Palace
Nov 17 - Dec 31
(Closed Christmas Day)
Official Website
ViennaChristmas Village on Maria Theresien Square
Nov 15 - Dec 31Official Website
ViennaChristmas Market at Schönbrunn Palace
Nov 18 - Jan 4, 2024Official Website
ViennaChristmas Market at Spittelberg
Nov 16 - Dec 23Official Website
ViennaArt AdventNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
ViennaWintermarkt RiesenradplatzNov 18 - Jan 7, 2024Official Website
ViennaAltwiener ChristkindlmarktNov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
ViennaAm Hof Advent Market Nov 10 - Dec 23Official Website
ViennaChristmas Market on StephansplatzNov 10 - Dec 26Official Website
ViennaAdvent GenussmarktCancelledOfficial Website
VillachVillacher AdventmarktNov 17 - Dec 24Official Website
VorauJoglland Advent g'spianDec 8 - 11Official Website
WelsWelser WeihnachtsweltNov 17 - Dec 24Official Website

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