Frankfurt Christmas Markets 2024 | Dates, Hotels & More

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Frankfurt’s Christmas Market scene is known around the world for its historic market offerings, drawing millions of visitors every year from Hesse and beyond.

With several festive locations sprinkled around the city, visitors are really spoiled for choice whether they’re looking for traditional Christmas markets or those with a cooler, quirkier sensibility.

We first visited these markets in Winter 2018 and loved exploring the interesting mix of stalls around the city… even though visiting on a Saturday meant huge crowds!

Looking to learn more about Frankfurt Christmas market, or perhaps need some guidance on planning your own trip there?

In this post, we’ll be covering…

  • Practical Info for Frankfurt Christmas Market
  • A Brief History of Frankfurt Christmas Market
  • Why Visit Frankfurt Christmas Market?
  • Christmas Markets in Frankfurt to Visit
  • More Photos of Frankfurt Christmas Markets

We hope you find it helpful and interesting!

Practical Info for Frankfurt Christmas Market 2024

Here are some quick must-knows for Frankfurt Christmas Market this year:

In need of a place to stay? Here are some quick hotel recommendations:

A Brief History of Frankfurt Christmas Markets

Frankfurt’s Christmas markets are some of the best known in the country (and in the world).

And there’s good reason for that – it’s widely accepted that Frankfurt’s Christmas Market is among the oldest in the country, with a document tracing its roots all the way back to the 14th century.

Of course, the market has evolved significantly over the years, from a humble Advent market all those years ago to a diverse roster of various markets around the city.

Even after bombs destroyed much of central Frankfurt during World War II, festive markets continued to pop up where they could.

And finally, when Frankfurt’s iconic Römerberg was rebuilt according to its original plans in the 80s, the Christmas market also returned, and is today where the most famous portion of the city’s Advent market scene is held.

Of course, these days, the legacy of Frankfurt Christmas Market extends far beyond the city limits.

In fact, Frankfurt’s sister city of Birmingham even hosts its own “Frankfurt Christmas Market”, which is the largest market of its kind outside of Germany and Austria.

Why Visit Frankfurt’s Christmas Markets?

Wondering why you should consider adding Frankfurt to your Christmas market itinerary? Here are some reasons.

There’s a nice variety

From the classic traditional Weihnachtsmarkt at Römerberg to more unique options like a rooftop Christmas market with skyline views, there’s a lot of great Christmas markets to visit in Frankfurt that are all a bit special and unique in their own way.

They’re easily accessible

Frankfurt is home to Germany’s busiest international airport, with over 300 direct routes served which (fun fact) is the highest number of all the world’s airports!

This means that Frankfurt is an easy entry point for many international visitors, and is therefore a great choice for Christmas market hopping with ease.

Christmas Markets in Frankfurt to Visit

As previously mentioned, there are several Christmas markets in Frankfurt that you can visit. Here are some highlights:

Weihnachtsmarkt Frankfurt Römerberg

Address: Römerberg 

The Weihnachtsmarkt Frankfurt Römerberg is the heart and soul of Frankfurt’s Christmas market scene.

With its half-timbered backdrop and a spectacular 30m Christmas tree, this square is truly one of the best places to visit during the holiday season in Frankfurt.

NOTE: With endless stalls selling Christmassy goods and treats, this is by far one of the busiest Christmas markets in the city, so expect huge crowds during peak periods.

Paulsplatz Market

Nearby the busy section of Frankfurt Christmas Market at Römerberg, you’ll find more stalls in front of St Paul’s Church.

Here, you’ll find a handful of stalls selling more treats and gifts, with one highlight being Wagner’s Honighaus, a two story half-timbered stall selling honey products of all kinds.

Hauptwache Market

This portion of the main Frankfurt Christmas Market is linked with the city’s busiest shopping street, which means plenty of convenience if shopping is your #1 goal.

From a hot soup chalet to pretzel-shaped dog biscuits, this is a great place to stock up on treats and gifts in a cozy yet modern setting.

Mainkai Market

For some riverside shopping, be sure to visit the Mainkai Market portion of Frankfurt’s Christmas market scene.

Here, you’ll find dozens of stalls set along one of the city’s prettiest backdrops, with a lot more space to relax, and shop away from the crowds.

City Beach Market

Address: 5th floor of Konstabler Car Park, Carl-Theodor-Reiffenstein Platz 5 

This is one of the most unique Christmas makets in Frankfurt, with a chic rooftop setting that offers views of Frankfurt’s epic skyline.

With a small handful of stalls selling food, drink, and gifts, this definitely isn’t the best Christmas market in Frankfurt shopping-wise, but it does have a great ambiance and view… along with its own curling rink!

Rosa Weihnacht, AKA Frankfurt Pink Christmas

Address: Friedrich-Stoltze-Platz

For a more colorful take on Frankfurt’s Christmas market scene, be sure to stop by the Rosa Weihnacht, Frankfurt’s LGBTQ market.

This market is all about glitz and glam, with a chill, laid-back vibe that’s distinctly more local than some of the other Christmas markets in Frankfurt. Definitely one to add to your list!

TNT Weinachtsmarkt

Address: Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 1

This tiny market is a perfect place to sit down and enjoy a glühwein with friends while enjoying a magical ambiance. It may not be one of the most exciting Christmas markets in Frankfurt, but it’s definitely among the most charming.

More Photos of Frankfurt Christmas Markets

Looking for more Frankfurt Christmas market photos? Here are some extra visuals to give you a taste of what to expect:

We hope you enjoyed this Frankfurt Christmas Market Guide!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more questions about your trip – we’re always happy to help.

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    • Hi Jesse, Franfkurt’s Christmas markets have officially opened for the season and are currently open now. Do note however that circumstances can change quickly depending on how case numbers develop. Hope that helps!

  1. Hello, am I reading the dates right the last day of the markets are 22 December 2022, three days before xmas. I hope not we have a 7 hour layover in Frankfurt on the 23rd and was hoping to go.

    • Hi Naomi, unfortunately the last day of the main Frankfurt Christmas markets will be on December 22nd. There may be some smaller markets that are still open on the 23rd, but dates for smaller events tend to be announced a bit later. We’ll update this page when we hear more!


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