Mainz Christmas Market | 2024 Dates, Locations & Must-Knows!

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Dating back over 200 years, the Mainz Christmas Market is known as one of the most beautiful and historic Christmas markets in Germany, welcoming thousands of visitors every year.

We first visited Mainz for Christmas markets in December 2018 and loved the little atmospheric markets scattered around town, along with the stunning main market by St Martin’s Cathedral.

Looking to learn more about the Mainz Christmas Market Rhineland-Palatinate, or perhaps need some guidance on planning your own trip there?

In this post, we’ll be covering…

  • Practical Info for Mainz Christmas Market
  • A Brief History of Mainz Christmas Market
  • Why Visit Mainz Christmas Market?
  • Christmas Markets in Mainz to Visit
  • More Photos of Mainz Christmas Market

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Practical Info for Mainz Christmas Market 2024

Here are some quick must-knows for Mainz Christmas Market this year:

  • Dates: Nov 28 – Dec 23, 2024
  • Official website: Click here

In need of a place to stay? Here are some quick hotel recommendations:

A Brief History of Mainz Christmas Market

The earliest mention of Mainz’s Christmas market goes back to 1788. At the time, it was known as the Nikolose Markt, although its location was the same as it is today – occupying the spaces surrounding the iconic St Martin’s Cathedral.

Over 200 years later, the market is still going strong, attracting thousands of visitors a year… alongside several other smaller festive markets which have popped up in the city under an umbrella event called “Mainzer Winterzeit” (Mainz Winter Time).

These days, the Mainz Christmas market scene is considered among the best in the country, so read on for more information about why and how to visit!

Why Visit Mainz Christmas Market?

Wondering whether Mainz Christmas Market is worth a trip? Here are some reasons to visit:

It has a lot of standout features

Mainz’s Christmas Market scene has a lot of what makes the Christmas markets in Germany so magical – there’s an abundance of cozy wooden huts selling gifts and food, beautiful decorations, and lovely backdrops at every turn.

Beyond these standard features however, Mainz also has some unique attractions that make it stand out. From an 11m high Christmas pyramid filled with figurines of local legends to the largest hand-carved Nativity scene of its kind in Europe, Mainz’s Christmas market scene has some really cool sights you won’t find elsewhere.

Mainz is a great place to visit

Christmas market or not, Mainz has long been one of our favorite destinations in Germany.

With over 2000 years of history under its belt, this city is filled with interesting attractions, from one of the world’s oldest printing museums to historic half-timbered buildings at every turn.

If you’re looking for things to do beyond just visiting Christmas markets, then Mainz is a great idea.

It’s close to many other famous Christmas markets (and Frankfurt Airport!)

The last reason we think Mainz is a great choice for Christmas markets is the convenience and ease of reaching it.

If you’re looking to visit multiple Christmas markets on your trip, Mainz is only 30 minutes away from the likes of Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

Plus, if you’re coming from overseas, there’s also the convenience of Mainz being close to Frankfurt Airport. In fact, you can reach Mainz from Frankfurt Airport in as little as 20 minutes via high speed train, making it a really easy destination to get to!

Christmas Markets in Mainz to Visit

Wondering where to find Christmas market stalls in Mainz? Here are the main locations of Mainz Christmas Market:


The largest and most beautiful of Mainz’s Christmas markets can be found at Markt (the city’s market square), where you’ll find over 100 stalls selling all kinds of Christmas market food and gifts.

As far as atmosphere goes, this market nails it with a glittering canopy of string lights (much like the one we’ve seen in Essen), adding a touch of magic to the already scenic surroundings.

Of course, credit must be given as well to this market’s historic backdrop. You’ll find this Mainz Christmas market in the shadow of the famous St Martin’s Cathedral (AKA Mainz Cathedral, which well over 1000 years old).

Other highlights at this market include an 11m high Christmas pyramid, an ornate nativity scene with life-sized carvings, and a performance stage set up at Liebfrauenplatz.

NOTE: This market is by far the busiest one in Mainz, so prepare yourself for big crowds.

Gutenberg Museum Mainz

Another beautiful Christmas market location in Mainz you must check out is the Gutenberg Museum Mainz. This museum is dedicated to Johannes Gutenberg, who pioneered the use of movable type in Europe, which of course allowed for the mass production of books, thereby changing the world forever.

Today the museum is a museum dedicated to printing, and most importantly for our article, an atmospheric spot during the festive period to enjoy a cup of Glühwein with a beautiful backdrop, and slightly calmer atmosphere than the busiest parts of the market at Domplatz.


Of course, besides the main Mainz Christmas market, there are many other smaller Christmas market type pop-ups around the city.

One of our favorites was at Neubrunnenplatz, where there was a nice chalet selling Glühwein, and plenty of space to hang out and enjoy.


Another nice Christmas market location in Mainz is Hopfengarten, where we saw a small kids’ carousel, as well as a handful of stalls selling sweet and savory treats.

This tiny market was tucked away in a courtyard, with star-studded trees hanging overhead, creating an intimate and lovely ambiance.


For one of the livelier small Christmas markets in Mainz, head to Schillerplatz. Here, you’ll find a small, condensed version of the main Christmas market of the city, with its own Christmas pyramid, and several wooden stalls selling food and handmade gifts.

Mainz Hauptbahnhof

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that the Christmas market wonder in Mainz can be experienced right as you leave the train station.

Directly in front of the entrance of Mainz Hauptbahnhof, you’ll find a small selection of cozy wooden stalls (and a big Christmas pyramid) selling Glühwein and treats.

This is definitely more of a spot for eating/drinking rather than shopping, but it’s a nice Mainz Xmas market location to add to your list if you’re arriving/leaving by train.

More Photos of Mainz Christmas Market

Looking for some more Mainz Christmas Market eye candy? Here are some additional photos we captured during our visit:

We hope you enjoyed this Mainz Christmas Market Guide!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more questions about your trip – we’re always happy to help.

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