Switzerland Christmas Market Opening Dates 2023 | Confirmed Dates So Far

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When do Christmas markets open in Switzerland this year?

If you’re trying to research the answer to this question, you may have run into some trouble… that’s because the opening dates for Christmas markets in Switzerland vary by town, city & region.

That’s why we created this page for you, so you can peep the opening dates for Switzerland’s Christmas Markets quickly and at a glance.

We hope you find it helpful!

This list is by no means exhaustive, and includes mainly bigger Christmas markets that we could find official websites and dates for. Let us know in the comments if you have any more we should add.

NOTE: Most Christmas markets don’t announce their confirmed dates until a few months before, so please excuse the sparse list for the time being! We’ll be sure to update this list with more dates as soon as they are released. Let us know in the comments if you know of any we should add for 2023!

Christmas Market Opening Dates in Switzerland 2023

Here is a table summarizing the opening dates of Swiss Christmas markets for this year that we know of so far.

Let us know in the comments if you have any tips on updates!

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LocationChristmas Market Name2023 DatesOfficial WebsiteHotels
AarauWeihnachtsmarkt AarauNov 16 - Dec 23Official Website
AarbergChlouser-Märit AarbergDec 1 - 3Official Website
AarbergAarberg Leuchtet WeihnachtsmarktDec 2Official Website
AltdorfAltdorfer ChristkindlimarktDec 7 - 10Official Website
Appenzell«Chlösler» ChlausmarktOfficial Website
AppenzellChristchindlimarkt in AppenzellDec 9 - 10Official Website
ArbonArboner ChristkindlimarktDec 2Official Website
BaarBaar Christchindli-Märt Nov 25Official Website
Bad RagazWeihnachtsmarkt Bad RagazNov 25 - 26Official Website
Bad ZurzachWeihnachtsmarkt Bad Zurzach
Dec 9 - 10Official Website
BadenBadener AdventsmarktDec 9Official Website
BadenWeihnachtsmarkt Kirchplatz und Weite GasseDec 13Official Website
BalgachBalgacher WeihnachtsmarktDec 3Official Website
BaselWeihnachtsmarkt BaselNov 23 - Dec 23Official Website
BernBerner WeihnachtsmarktDec 1 - 23Official Website
BernWeihnachtsmarkt auf dem WaisenhausplatzDec 2 - 24Official Website
BielChristmas Market Biel
Dec 2 - 23Official Website
BlattenChristchindlimärt BlattenDec 4Official Website
BremgartenBremgarter Christchindli-MärtDec 1 - 4Official Website
BrienzWeihnachtsmarkts BrienzDec 2 - 3Official Website
BrissagoBrissago Christmas MarketOfficial Website
BruggBrugger WeihnachtsmarktDec 16 - 17Official Website
BrunnenWeihnachtsmarkt am See - BrunnenDec 1 - 3Official Website
BuchsChlausmarkt BuchsDec 1 - 3Official Website
BulleMarché de Noël de BulleOfficial Website
CarougeCarouge MagiqueOfficial Website
ChamChamer Wienachtsmärt Dec 8Official Website
Château ChillonChristmas in the CastleOfficial Website
ChurChurer Weihnachtsmarkt
Nov 24 - 25Official Website
DielsdorfWeihnachtsmarkt und Gwerbler DielsdorfDec 9 - 10Official Website
DietlikonWeihnachtsmarkt und St. Niklaus-EinzugOfficial Website
DietlikonDietliker Weihnachtsmarkt
Dec 2Official Website
EnsiedelnEinsiedler WeihnachtsmarkDec 1 - 10Official Website
Estavayer-le-LacMarché de Noël d'Estavayer-le-LacDec 2 - 3Official Website
FribourgSt Nicholas CelebrationOfficial Website
FusioFusio Christmas MarketOfficial Website
GenevaNoël au Jardin GenèveOfficial Websie
GenevaMarché de Noël du Mont-Blanc
Dec 16 - 17Official Website
GruyèresMarché de Noël de GruyèresDec 8 - 10
Dec 15 - 17
Official Website
Golino/IntragnaGolino/Intragna Christmas MarketOfficial Website
GordolaGordola Christmas MarketOfficial Website
GrenchenWeihnachtsmarkt GrenchenOfficial Website
HämikonHämikerberger WeihnachtsmarktOfficial Website
HerisauWeihnachtsausstellung im «Alten Rathaus» SchwänbergOfficial Website
HochdorfWeihnachtsmärt Hochdorf
Official Website
Dec 15 - 17Official Website
LausanneBô NoëlNov 17 - Dec 31Official Website
LenkLenker WeihnachtsmarktDec 9Official Website
LenzburgChlausmarkt LenzburgDec 14Official Website
LocarnoMercato di NataleOfficial Website
LosoneLosone Christmas MarketOfficial Website
LucerneSchweizerhof Christmas MarketOfficial Website
LucerneLozärner Wiehnachtsmärt auf dem FranziskanerplatzDec 1 - 21Official Website
LucerneRudolfs WeihnachtDec 17 - 23Official Website
LucerneLuzerner HandwerksmarktDec 2
Dec 8 -10
Dec 16 - 17
Official Website
LuganoNatale in PiazzaOfficial Website
MartignyMarché de Noël à MartignyDec 13 - 23Official Website
MergosciaMergoscia Christmas MarketOfficial Website
MinusioMinusio Christmas MarketOfficial Website
MontreuxMontreux NoëlNov 23 - Dec 24Official Website
MurWeihnachtsmarkt in MurOfficial Website
MuriMuri AdventsmarktNov 24Official Website
NeunkirchAdventsmarkt in Neunkirch
Nov 25Official Website
OrbeOrbe Christmas FairOfficial Website
RomontMarché de Noël de RomontOfficial Website
Ronco s/ AsconaRonco s/ Ascona Christmas MarketOfficial Website
SaanenSaanen Christmas MarketOfficial Website
SarnenSarner WeihnachtsmarktNov 29Official Website
SchaffhausenChlaus- und KunsthandwerkermarktDec 9 - 10Official Website
SchwyzSchwyzer ChristchindlimaerchtOfficial Website
SeengenChristchindli-Märt Seengen
Dec 2Official Website
SoldunoSolduno Christmas MarketOfficial Website
SolothurnChlausemäret Solothurn
Official Website
SpiezChlouse-Märit SpiezDec 2Official Website
St MoritzGenussvolle WeihnachtsmarktOfficial Website
St. GallenAdvent St Gallen: SternenstadtNov 30 - Dec 24Official Website
StansStanser Wiänachtsmärcht
Dec 9 - 10Official Website
TeneroTenero Christmas MarketOfficial Website
ThunThuner WeihnachtsmarktDec 6 - 23Official Website
VerzascaVerzasca Christmas MarketOfficial Website
WillisauChristkindli Märt WillisauDec 8 - 10Official Website
WinterthurWinterthurer WeihnachtsmarktNov 23 - Dec 22Official Website
Yverdon-les-BainsMarché de Noël
Official Website
ZurichChristkindlimarkt at Zurich Central Station
Nov 23 - Dec 24Official Website
ZurichZurich Viennese Village (Wienachtsdorf) at SechseläutenplatzNov 23 - Dec 22Official Website
ZurichZurich Münsterhof Christmas Market
Nov 24 - Dec 24Official Website
ZurichThe Werdmühleplatz Christmas Market & Singing Christmas Tree
Nov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
ZurichDörfli Weinachtsmarkt im Niederdorf
Nov 24 - Dec 23Official Website

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