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In a sea of charming Christmas markets in Alsace, Turckheim Christmas Market manages to stand out from the pack thanks to its delightful elf theme, unique advent calendar and perfectly magical decor.

We first visited this Christmas market in November 2019 and loved the adorably decorated chalets and distinctive selection of food and drink. Not to mention it has a colorful advent calendar that opens up a new window every evening at 5pm, with its own special little ceremony.

While Turckheim isn’t often listed as a must-see Christmas market for international tourists (at least not when compared to Strasbourg or Colmar), we found this market to be one of the most charming ones we visited, with a lot of unique elements not found elsewhere.

Looking to learn more about Turckheim Christmas Market, or perhaps need some guidance on planning your own trip there?

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  • Why Visit Turckheim Christmas Market?
  • Christmas Markets in Turckheim to Visit
  • More Photos of Turckheim Christmas Market

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Practical Info for Turckheim Christmas Market 2024

Here are some quick must-knows for Turckheim Christmas Market this year:

  • 2024 Dates: TBA (Previous year’s event: Nov 24 – Dec 30)
  • Official website: Click here

In need of a place to stay? Here are some quick hotel recommendations:

Why Visit Turckheim Christmas Market?

Wondering whether Turckheim Christmas Market is worth a trip? Here are some reasons to visit:

Its unique advent calendar

The colorful centerpiece of the Turckheim Christmas Market is no doubt its whimsical advent calendar, composed of three cartoonish houses, each with red or green shutters.

This delightful piece of decor is all the more magical when you consider that every evening, there is a special ceremony at 5pm during which a new window is opened, unveiling what’s behind.

This fun tradition sets Turckheim apart from other Christmas markets in the region, although the Christmas market in Stuttgart has a similar affair which involves turning the entire City Hall into a giant advent calendar.

Its fun elf theme

There are a few different themed markets in Alsace, from the blue-themed Christmas market in Guebwiller to the medieval-themed Christmas market in Ribeauvillé, but if we’re judging based on sheer cuteness here, we think Turckheim wins for best theme.

Known as the “Le Marché de Noël des Lutins” in French (the Christmas Market of Elves), Turckheim’s Christmas Market is decorated to look like a full-on miniature elf village.

This means pastel-colored ‘elf houses’ in place of the typical wooden chalets seen at Christmas markets, each with their own distinctive coat of paint and asymmetrical shape.

With vendors setting up shop in these adorable little houses, it’s tough not to fall immediately in love with the theme, the market and the town itself.

The town is perfect

Lastly, it must be noted that Turckheim’s Christmas charm extends far beyond just its market stalls. In fact, once you enter the town walls, it seems every street has just been blasted with a giant festive cannon.

From half-timbered facades decked out in baubles to window shutters covered in trees and candy canes, Turckheim really does go all out with its festive decor, making it an absolute joy to wander through.

Christmas Market Locations in Turckheim to Visit

Wondering where to find Christmas market stalls in Turckheim? Here are the main locations of Turckheim Christmas Market:

Place de l’Église

In Place d’Église (right in the shadow of the Église Saint-Anne), you’ll find a handful of the adorable elf house stalls, all selling unique ornaments and gifts to take home.

There were also a few cute additions, like this wishing well:

As well as that famous advent calendar, of course:

Place de la Mairie / Jardin de la Ville

Near the Turckheim Town Hall, you’ll find another festive area that is decked out with a nativity scene garden, as well as more stalls to shop at. These two areas are very, very close together, so don’t worry about missing them – once you’re in town, they’ll be very easy to find!

More Photos of Turckheim Christmas Market

Looking for some more Turckheim Christmas Market eye candy? Here are some additional photos we captured during our visit:

We hope you enjoyed this Turckheim Christmas Market Guide!

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