Helsinki Christmas Market 2024 | Dates, Hotels & More

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Helsinki Christmas Market may not be one of the best known Christmas markets in Europe, but it’s certainly among the most unique!

After all, Christmas time in Finland means Christmas saunas, hot glögi and pikkujoulu, a ‘small Christmas’ that entails partying in bars and restaurants.

If you’re currently planning your own trip, or simply curious about what Helsinki Christmas Market is like, then we’re here to help.

Read on for an overview of Helsinki Christmas Market, with official dates, hotel recommendations, photos & more.

NOTE: This is a Christmas market we haven’t personally visited yet, so all the information below is taken from official sources for your reference! If you have any personal tips from first-hand experience to add, let us know in the comments so we can improve this guide!

Helsinki Christmas Market Dates 2024

2024 Dates: TBA (Previous year’s event: December 15 – 22)

Note: Visit the event’s official website

Helsinki Christmas Market Hotels

Looking for a place to stay nearby while you visit Helsinki’s Christmas markets? Here are some recommendations:

Helsinki Christmas Market Location

Due to renovations in 2021, the Helsinki Christmas Market took place on Market Square rather than Senate Square.

For this year however, the market will once again be held in Senate Square, as it used to prior to renovations.

Official Helsinki Christmas Market Website

For the most up-to-date information and announcements, be sure to visit the official Helsinki Christmas Market website.

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  1. I am the consul for an Internations group called Africans and Friends. There would be 10 attendees at the most. I would like to bring them on the 17th of December. Please pass this on to whomever could arrange this for us.

  2. I first visited the Helsinki Christmas Market in 2017 as I was there to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland’s Independence which falls on December 6th. I am returning this year because I enjoyed the festive atmosphere of the Christmas Market. Downtown Helsinki is lit up like Las Vegas. Whether it is in Market Square or Cathedral Square makes no difference. While Cathedral Square is the traditional site of the Christmas Market, there are always a few vendors set up in Market Square because of the overflow. The photos from last year in Market Square look like it may even be a better site. Market Square is the site of the summer market and down from the decorated esplanade that leads you past a Christmas shops as you head towards Stockman’s Dept Store’s Christmas themed windows. The Christmas Market is filled with small Christmas Shoppes with goods and foods from across Finland to fit any budget. I got my wife a glove and scarf set made from reindeer hide, approx 200 euros, and myself a Helsinki knit hat approx $25 euros. You can easily spend a day wandering through the shops and enjoying the food and beverages with ample seating to have a brief respite as I did with my cousins that live there. There are plenty of nearby hotels and restaurants. I like the “jail” hotel. The railway from the airport, and the tram system in Helsinki are exceptional for getting around in the metro area. One thing to note is that sunrise is approx 9AM and sunset is approx 3PM. Which is why a long 4 day festive weekend is plenty for me.


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