Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market | 2024 Dates, Locations & Must-Knows!

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Siegburg Christmas Market is a woefully underrated Medieval-style market located just outside of Bonn, with a small cluster of vendors in the town’s central market square.

While no doubt small, it’s one of the cutest and most charming Medieval Christmas markets we’ve visited in Germany, and a great side trip if you happen to be in North Rhine-Westphalia visiting the Christmas markets in Bonn or Cologne.

We first visited this Christmas market in December 2019 and loved the energetic vibe and commitment to theme – it definitely felt like a little slice of the Middle Ages, with a fraction of the tourists that you might find at the bigger Christmas markets nearby.

So, looking to learn more about Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market, or perhaps need some guidance on planning your own trip there?

In this post, we’ll be covering…

  • Practical Info for Siegburg Christmas Market
  • Why Visit Siegburg Christmas Market?
  • Where to Find the Medieval Christmas Market in Siegburg

We hope you find it helpful and interesting!

Practical Info for Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market 2024

Here are some quick must-knows for Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market this year:

  • Dates: Nov 23 – Dec 22, 2024
  • Location: Markt, Siegburg (Siegburg Market Square)
  • Official website: Click here

In need of a place to stay? Here are some quick hotel recommendations:

*NOTE: Siegburg is quite small, so we would perhaps recommend staying overnight in nearby Bonn or Cologne instead, where you’ll have more restaurants and activities, and more amazing Christmas markets to explore.

Why Visit Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market?

Wondering whether Siegburg Christmas Market is worth a trip? Here are some reasons to visit:

Its excellent commitment to the medieval theme

We love a good medieval Christmas market, and the one in Siegburg really nails it with the Middle Ages theme.

From a hand-cranked carousel to costumed performers, this small market does a great job at transporting you back in time.

PS: If you’re a fan of medieval Christmas markets, be sure to check out the ones in Esslingen, Munich & Essen.

Great food

Again, the Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market is small, but it does a great job at providing a variety of tasty food options, from Christmas market classics like garlic bread and roasted chestnuts to heartier fare like roasted duck with German kale.

We enjoyed some vegan Käsespätzle here, which was absolutely delicious:

It’s close to a lot of other great Christmas markets

More Photos of the Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market

Looking for some more Siegburg Christmas Market eye candy? Here are some additional photos we captured during our visit:

We hope you enjoyed this Siegburg Medieval Christmas Market Guide!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more questions about your trip – we’re always happy to help.

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