German Christmas Market Opening Dates 2022: Officially Confirmed!

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When do Christmas markets open in Germany this year?

If you’re trying to research the answer to this question, you may have run into some trouble… that’s because the opening dates for Christmas markets in Germany vary by town, city & region.

Generally speaking though, you can expect most markets to open around the first Advent Sunday, and end (usually) just before Christmas Eve.

Of course, there are many exceptions to this! Some Christmas markets in Germany open earlier, and some stay open later even into January… and finding out the exact opening dates for each market can be a total headache.

That’s why we created this page for you, so you can peep the opening dates for Germany’s Best Christmas Markets quickly and at a glance.

We hope you find it helpful!

This list is by no means exhaustive, and includes mainly bigger Christmas markets that we could find official websites and dates for. Let us know in the comments if you have any more we should add.

NOTE: Most Christmas markets don’t announce their confirmed dates until a few months before, so please excuse the sparse list for the time being! We’ll be sure to update this list with more dates as soon as they are released. Let us know in the comments if you know of any we should add for 2022!

First: Top Christmas Markets in Germany to Visit

Below, you’ll find a table containing dozens of dates for various Christmas markets in Germany. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry!

This video is a great place to start with figuring out some of the top must-sees (or at least getting a peek at what to expect).

German Christmas Market Opening Dates 2022

Here are the current opening dates we know of for Germany’s Christmas markets.

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CityChristmas Market Name2022 DatesOfficial WebsiteHotels
AachenAachener WeihnachtsmarktNov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
AlsfeldAlsfelder WeihnachtsmarktDec 2 - 11Official Website
AltöttingAltöttinger ChristkindlmarktNov 25 - Dec 18Official Website
Annaberg-BuchholzAnnaberger Weihnachtsmarkt (Annaberg Christmas Market)Nov 25 - Dec 23Official Website
AnsbachAnsbacher WeihnachtsmarktNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
Anwanden (Zirndorf)Romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt Gut WolfgangshofNov 25 - 27
Dec 2 - 4
Dec 9 - 11
Dec 16 - 18
More Info
AugsburgAugsburger ChristkindlesmarktNov 21 - Dec 24Official Website
Bad GodesbergBad Godesberger NikolausmarktNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
Bad HindelangBad Hindelanger Erlebnis-WeihnachtsmarktNov 24 - Dec 4Official website
Baden-BadenBaden-Badener ChristkindelsmarktNov 24 - Jan 6Official Website
Bad WimpfenAltdeutscher WeihnachtsmarktNov 25 – 27
Dec 2 – 4
Dec 9 – 11
Official Website
BerlinWeihnachtsZauber GendarmenmarktNov 21 - Dec 31Official Website
BielefeldBielefelder Weihnachtsmarkt Nov 21 - Dec 23
Dec 27 - Dec 30
Official Website
BochumBochumer WeihnachtNov 17 - Dec 23Official Website
BonnBonner Weihnachtsmarkt in der Innenstadt (Bonn Christmas Market in the City Center)Nov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
BraunschweigBraunschweiger WeihnachtsmarktNov 23 - Dec 29Official Website
BremenBremer WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
CelleCeller WeihnachtsmarktNov 24 - Dec 28Official Website
ChemnitzChemnitzer Weihnachtsmarkt
Nov 25 - Dec 23Official Website
CoburgWeihnachtsmarkt CoburgNov 25 - Dec 23Official Website
CologneWeinachtsmarkt am Kölner DomNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
CologneHeinzels WintermärchenAlter Markt: Nov 21 - Dec 23

Heumarkt: Nov 21 - Jan 8, 2023
Official Website
CologneHeavenueNov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
CologneMarkt der EngelNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
CologneNikolausdorfNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
CologneKölner Hafen-WeihnachtsmarktNov 18 - 23Official Website
CologneWeihnachtsmarkt im StadtgartenNov 17 - Dec 23Official Website
CottbusWeihnachtsmarkt der tausend Sterne (Christmas Market of a Thousand Stars)Nov 23 - Dec 23Official Website
DonaueschingenFürstenberg Weihnachtswelt Donaueschingen
Nov 24 - Nov 27Official Website
DortmundDortmunder WeihnachtsstadtNov 17 - Dec 30Official Website
DresdenDresdner StriezelmarktNov 23 - Dec 24Official Website
DuisburgDuisburger Weihnachtsmarkt Nov 10 - Dec 30Official Website
Nov 17 - Dec 30Official Website
ErfurtErfurter WeihnachtsmarktNov 22 - Dec 22Official Website
EssenInternationaler Weihnachtsmarkt Essen Nov 12 - Dec 23Official Website
EsslingenEsslinger Mittelaltermarkt
Esslinger Weihnachtsmarkt
Nov 22 - Dec 22Official Website
Europapark (Rust)Europapark Winter MagicDec 3 - Jan 8, 2023Official Website
FlensburgFlensburger WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 31Official Website
FrankfurtFrankfurter WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
FreiburgWeihnachtsmarkt FreiburgNov 16 - Dec 23Official Website
FreudenstadtFreudenstädter WeihnachtsmarktDec 9 - Dec 18Official Website
FriedrichshafenBodensee-WeihnachtNov 25 - Dec 22Official Website
GeraGerarer Märchenmarkt Nov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
GoslarGoslar Weihnachtsmarkt & WeihnachtswaldNov 30 - Dec 30Official Website
GöttingenGöttinger WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 29Official Website
HamburgHamburger WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
HamburgWeihnachtlicher GänsemarktNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
HamburgWeihnachtsmarkt St. PetriNov 21 - Dec 20Official Website
HamburgFleetweihnachtsmarkt Nov 21 - Dec 30Official Website
HamburgWeihnachtsmarkt OsterstraßeNov 17 - Dec 30Official Website
HamelnHamelner WeihnachtsmarktNov 23 - Dec 30Official Website
HannoverWeihnachtsmarkt HannoverNov 23 - Dec 22Official Website
HeidelbergHeidelberger WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
HeidelbergWeihnachtsmarkt BismarckplatzNov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
HeidelbergWinterwäldchen auf dem KornmarktNov 21 - Jan 1, 2023Official Website
HeilbronnKäthchen-WeihnachtsmarktNov 24 - Dec 22Official Website
HildesheimWeihnachtsmarkt Hildesheim
Nov 21 - Dec 28Official Website
IngolstadtChristkindlmarkt IngolstadtNov 23 - Dec 23Official Website
KaiserslauternLautrer AdventNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
KarlsruheKarlsruher ChristkWeihnachtsmarkt OsnabrückindlesmarktNov 24 - Dec 23Official Website
KasselMärchen­weihnachtsmarkt KasselNov 21 - Dec 30Official Website
KemptenWeihnachtsmarkt KemptenNov 23 - Dec 22Official Website
KielKieler Weihnachtsmarkt (Kiel Christmas Market)Nov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
KleveKlever WeihnachtsmarktNov 25 - Dec 4Official Website
KoblenzKoblenzer WeihnachtsmarktOfficial Website
KonstanzWeihnachtsmarkt am See KonstanzNov 24 - Dec 22Official Website
LeipzigLeipziger WeihnachtsmarktNov 22 - Dec 23Official Website
LindauLindauer HafenweihnachtThursdays - Sundays Nov 24 - Dec 18Official Website
LübeckLübecker WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 30Official Website
LudwigsburgLudwigsburger Barock-WeihnachtsmarktNov 22 - Dec 22Official Website
LüneburgLüneburger Weihnachtsmarkt. Nov 23 - Dec 31Official Website
MagdeburgMagdeburger Weihnachtsmarkt (Magdeburg Christmas Market)Nov 21 - Dec 29Official Website
MainzMainzer WeihnachtsmarktNov 25 - Dec 23Official Website
MannheimMannheimer WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
MonschauMonschau Weihnachtsmarkt (Monschau Christmas Market)Nov 25 – 27
Dec 2 – 4
Dec 9 – 11
Dec 16 – 18
More Info
MunichMünchner ChristkindlmarktNov 21 - Dec 24Official Website
MunichChinesischer Turm WeihnachtsmarktCancelled for 2022Official Website
MunichSchwabinger Weihnachtsmarkt Nov 25 - Dec 24Official Website
MunichMittelalterlicher Weihnachtsmarkt MünchenNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
MunichPink ChristmasNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
*Rund um das Rathaus* Münster
Nov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
NurembergNürnberger ChristkindlesmarktNov 25 - Dec 24Official Website
OsnabrückWeihnachtsmarkt OsnabrückNov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
PaderbornPaderborner WeihnachtsmarktNov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
PassauPassauer ChristkindlmarktNov 23 - Dec 23Official Website
PlauenPlauener WeihnachtsmarktNov 22 - Dec 21Official Website
PotsdamWeihnachtsmarkt in der Potsdamer Innenstadt (Potsdam City Center Christmas Market)Nov 21 - Dec 29Official Website
Ravenna GorgeRavenna Gorge Christmas MarketNov 25 - 27
Dec 2 - 4
Dec 9 - 11
Dec 16 - 18
Official Website
RegensburgChristkindlmarkt auf dem NeupfarrplatzNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
RegensburgRomantischen Weihnachtsmarkt auf Schloss Thurn und TaxisNov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
RegensburgLucrezia MarktNov 25 - Dec 23Official Website
RegensburgAdventsmarkt im St. Katharinenspital Nov 23 - Dec 23Official Website
RostockRostocker WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
RüdesheimRüdesheimer Weihnachtsmarkt der NationenNov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
SaarbrückenSaarbrücker Christkindl-Markt
Alt-Saarbrücker Weihnachtsmarkt
Mittelalterliche Weihnachtsmarkt
Nov 21 - Dec 23Official Website
Schwäbisch HallSchwäbisch Hall WeihnachtszauberNov 24 - Dec 22Official Website
SenftenbergSenftenberg Fairytale Christmas MarketDec 11Official Website
SiegenSiegener WeihnachtsmarktNov 18 - Dec 23Official Website
StralsundStralsunder Weihnachtsmarkt Nov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
StuttgartStuttgarter WeihnachtsmarktNov 23 - Dec 23Official Website
TrierTrierer WeihnachtsmarktNov 18 - Dec 22Official Website
TübingenTübinger Weihnachtsmarkt Dec 9 - 11Official Website
ÜberlingenWeihnachtsmarkt ÜberlingenDec 17Official Website
UlmUlmer WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
VelenVelener WaldweihnachtsmarktNov 25 - 27
Dec 2 - 4
Dec 9 - 11
Dec 16 - 18
Official Website
WaldshutWaldshuter Weihnachtsmarkt Nov 26 - Dec 22Official Website
WeimarWeimarer WeihnachtsmarktNov 22 - Jan 5, 2023
WernigerodeWernigeröder Weihnachtsmarkt
Nov 25 - Dec 22Official Website
WiesbadenSternschnuppenmarktNov 22 - Dec 23Official Website
WismarWismarer Weihnachtsmarkt
Nov 21 - Dec 22Official Website
WolfsburgWolfsburger WeihnachtsmarktNov 21 - Dec 29Official Website
WürzburgWürzburger WeihnachtsmarktNov 25 - Dec 23Official Website
ZwickauZwickauer WeihnachtsmarktNov 22 - Dec 23Official Website

Help us improve this list of German Christmas Market dates!

Do you know of a confirmed German Christmas Market we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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