Aachen Christmas Market | 2024 Dates, Locations & Must-Knows!

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Ah – Aachen Christmas Market. Of all the Christmas markets we’ve visited in Germany, this one has always been one of our favourites.

Famed for its cathedral and cookies, Aachen is a city that does Christmas properly… a fact confirmed by the Christmas market’s 1.5 million annual visitors.

We first visited this North Rhine-Westphalia Christmas market in December 2019 and loved the gorgeous cathedral backdrop, delicious array of food stalls and of course – the tasty Printen that the city is renowned for.

Looking to learn more about Aachen Christmas market, or perhaps need some guidance on planning your own trip there?

In this post, we’ll be covering…

  • Practical Info for Aachen Christmas Market
  • A Brief History of Aachen Christmas Market
  • Why Visit Aachen Christmas Market?
  • Christmas Markets in Aachen to Visit
  • More Photos of Aachen Christmas Market

We hope you find it helpful and interesting!

Practical Info for Aachen Christmas Market 2024

Here are some quick must-knows for Aachen Christmas Market this year:

  • 2024 Dates: TBA (Previous year’s event: Nov 24 – Dec 23, 2023)
  • Official website: Click here

In need of a place to stay? Here are some quick hotel recommendations:

A Brief History of Aachen Christmas Market

Aachen’s historic Christmas market has been dazzling crowds since the 1970s, although its original form was a much more modest affair.

According to the Aachener Zeitung, the first Aachen Christmas Market took place on December 1, 1973, with only fifteen stalls in attendance. By the market’s 17th edition in 1989, that number had more than quintupled, with 87 booths handpicked from over 500 applications.

Since then, the market has continued to grow, becoming one of the most popular Christmas markets in the country, with over 1.5 million annual visitors.

Why Visit Aachen Christmas Market?

Wondering whether Aachen Christmas Market is worth a trip? Here are some reasons to visit:

The amazing Aachen Cathedral

The Aachen Cathedral is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Germany, and for good reason.

Not only was it the first attraction in Germany to gain coveted UNESCO Heritage status, it also happens to be the final resting place of Charlemagne (AKA Charles the Great), who many consider to be the Father of Europe thanks to the pivotal role he played in unifying Western Europe.

During the festive season, Aachen Cathedral becomes one of the most glorious Christmas market backdrops in the country, with plentiful stalls in the nearby Katschhof to browse.

Of course, the cathedral itself is more than worth a visit to Aachen alone… but it helps that you can so easily stock up on festive treats before and after your visit!

Aachen’s famous Printen cookies

If there’s one treat that Aachen is obsessed with, it’s Printen.

Aachener Printen is the local take on gingerbread, made up of flour, sugar, and warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, clove, and cardamom. While original iterations were made with honey, today most Aachener Printen recipes use a special sugar beet syrup.

The city is so proud of its Printen in fact that the market’s original name was supposedly the Aachen “Printenmarkt”, and the mascot even today is indeed a giant Printen, which smiles from the steps of the Town Hall, acting as a sweet beacon of deliciousness for the thousands of eager shoppers below.

And while Printen is available at countless stalls and shops around Aachen, the most impressive Aachen-related feat took place in 1997, when the Christmas market saw the creation of the world’s largest Printen cookie, an endeavour that took 110 kilograms of flour, 70 liters of honey, 50 kilograms of rock candy, 10 kilograms of sugar and eight pounds of special Printen spices. The end product was 20m long!

Its proximity to other great markets

Last but not least, a compelling reason to visit Aachen Christmas Market is its proximity to other great markets, like the ones in nearby Belgium, or (one of our personal favourites), the incredible fairytale village of Monschau, which can be reached by public bus within an hour from Aachen.

Christmas Market Locations in Aachen to Visit

So, now that you’re convinced you should visit… are you now wondering where to find Christmas market stalls in Aachen? Here are the main locations of Aachen Christmas Market that you should definitely put on your list:


Sandwiched between the historic Aachen Cathedral and the city’s sumptuous Rathaus, Aachen’s main Christmas market is a cozy and traditional affair with dozens of stalls selling handmade gifts and tasty food.

From beautiful ceramic village houses and handmade decorations to all sorts of delectable local products, this is one part of the market you have to visit if your goal is finding the perfect gift.

For a special Glühwein experience, OECHER Glühwein-Treff is the oldest Glühwein stall in the city, and has been serving wine at this market for 45 years!

During our visit, they also had a stage set up here with live music and performances, so if you’re looking for a lively place to get in the festive mood at Aachen Christmas Market, this would be it!

Marktplatz am Rathaus

And while the Aachen Cathedral probably wins for one of the prettiest Christmas market backdrops in the country, Aachen has another great backdrop up its sleeve: its picturesque Rathaus, or City Hall.

At the Marktplatz am Rathaus, you’ll find row upon row of wooden chalets selling gifts and food, made all the more romantic thanks to a glittering tree and light-studded garlands that wrap around all the stalls.

For an extra special view, be sure to climb up the Rathaus stairs to appreciate the Christmas market from above:


Another festive location part of the Aachen Christmas Market is Münsterplatz, located outside the southern end of the Aachen Cathedral.

This is where you’ll find Hexenhof, one of the best places (in our opinion) to enjoy a Glühwein at Aachen Christmas Market.

With adorable boot-shaped mugs in an array of bright colors, including pink, this iconic stall is a must-visit.

You’ll also find other food stalls selling nuts, sausages, mulled wine, and all the typical German Christmas market food offerings.


Another festive locale part of the Aachen Christmas Market scene is Holzgraben.

This is where you’ll find an opportunity to try out Eisstockschießen, AKA Bavarian curling – one of the most beloved winter sports in Germany!

BONUS: All Around Aachen Old Town

Last but not least, it may be a cliché, but one of the best ways to fully appreciate Aachen’s Christmas market selection is by wandering around.

In addition to the main market spots above, we noticed several stalls scattered around the cathedral area, along with lots of pretty lights at night. Be sure to spend some time exploring some of the smaller streets in Old Town – you never know what gems you might find!

More Photos of Aachen Christmas Market

Looking for some more Aachen Christmas Market eye candy? Here are some additional photos we captured during our visit:

We hope you enjoyed this Aachen Christmas Market Guide!

Let us know in the comments if you have any more questions about your trip – we’re always happy to help.

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